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Win a Sony Playstation 3

Win a Sony Playstation 3 as soon as it launches later this year.

Every 50 000th person who joins wins one! No magical question, simple if you the 50 000th (or multiple thereof) approved subscriber you get a PS3. That’s 1 in 50 000 odds. Which may seem high but considering some lotto tickets offer odds as high as 1 in 100 million!!! We have all dreamed of winning the lotto! Your chances of winning a PS3 is 2000 times better!!!! Go on try now, It wont cost you a cent, No purchase necessary.

The Fine Print:

You have to have a valid physical address, telephone number, and email address! Only one entry per email address and household. To make sure please note we will call you to notify you of your win (phone number is critical) and deliver to the address you input now (this cannot be changed at a later stage: even if your grandma or favorite goldfish dies.). Your email address will be verified for accuracy

No state tax, or shipping fees will be payable for residents of the U.S.A. other countries will be charged DHL cost price for door to door delivery. Should customs or import duties be levied you will be responsible for this cost.

The Sony Playstation 3 will be shipped as a US retail package, specifications to be confirmed when officially announced by Sony.

Should more than 50 000 users take part we will increase the number of prizes for example should 4 500 000users take part we will give away 90 Sony PS3’s!!!

We will publish, the first name, city, state and country of the winners

In order to be commercially viable we will send a newsletter once a week, should you unsubscribe, (which you are free to at any time to) you will be disqualified.



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Countdown to Playstation 3 Launch

  • It is -2835 days until PS3 Launch .
  • It is -68048 hours until PS3 Launch .

Sony Playstation 3 News:
Blu Ray Movies

Order your Blu Ray movies for your Playstation 3 now!!!
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Date added: 08/11/2006

Sony PS3 launch in Europe is delayed

Sony PS3 launch in Europe has been delayed Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia will see the console shipping in March 2007.

Date added: 09/06/2006

Sony PS3 launch North America 17 November

The Playstation 3 is launchin on the 17 November in North America.

There will be two options:
20GB Hard Drive $499 / CND 549
60Gb Hard Drive $599 / CND 659

Sony PS3

Date added: 05/29/2006

Sony Playstation 3 to be Region Free

Phil Harrison has confirmed that the PS3 will be region free.

Date added: 04/04/2006

Q&A with Phil Harrison President, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer

Press Q&A with Phil Harrison, President, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer

A recording of the press Q&A with Phil Harrison, President, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer, after his keynote speech at the GDC 2006 (Game Developer Conference), the conference for video games developers.

View Press Q&A video now.

(Courtesy Google Videos)

Date added: 04/04/2006

PS3 Expected Release: November 2006
Playstation 3 is set to be launching early November in a WorldWide Release for the North American, Asian, and European territories.

Date added: 31/03/2006

PS3 games New and Old
New games for the Playstation 3 will be released only on the new Blu-ray format.

All PSOne and PS2 games with be backwards compatible.

Date added: 31/03/2006



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